Monday, March 25, 2013

Paleo Detox Diet: Day 3 - Sympathy for the Devil

Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. 
Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.
-Billy Sunday
The Sin, Enkel Dika
6:10 AM
I wake up before my alarm goes off to the gentle and soothing sound of birds chirping outside my window. I toss around for ten more minutes before rolling out of bed to stretch and get myself going. 

6:45 AM
Head outside hit up the apartment gym. Brrr - this freezing weather makes me wish I was back in bed, wrapped up in my big, fluffy comforter.

Once I reach the gym, I do a circuit of sprints, walking at 15% incline, and weight training for 25 minutes. 
Calories Burned: 200

7:15 AM
I feel surprisingly energetic and refreshed, considering the awful state I was in yesterday. This whole concept of AM work outs is starting to grow on me.

I realize that in my exhaustion-induced stupor last night, I forgot to prepare any food for today - no de-thawed/marinated meat or chopped veggies. On top of that, my roommates are both running around the kitchen, and jumping in the middle seems like jumping into a pack of lions all fighting over a piece of meat. I don't want to stress about being late, so I just quickly make my smoothie and pack some almond butter and decide to buy lunch today. Could be a horrible idea, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. 

7:30 AM
Shower time. I want to attempt to look like a normal person (not a Creature) today. 

8:20 AM
I walk out my door, and am greeted by what feels like the Apocalypse. Freezing sheets of rain and battering winds. The sky is nearly black and it feels like its still nighttime. Pretty ironic considering it was so lovely only an hour ago. Wish I could say I braved the elements, but I wimp out and call a cab.

8:55 AM

Arrive at work. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling all that hungry or tired. Not all that perky either, but definitely better than the past two days. The one thing that has really kicked in again is my craving for coffee - I would give anything for a double shot of espresso right now. I stare with envy at everyone else's mugs of coffee, and pray that the inviting smell of freshly brewed caffeine won't waft over to my cube.

I get caught up on my emails and sip on my smoothie. I am beginning to get a little bored of the flavor, but I have grown to like the concept of having one for breakfast every day. In the future, I'll have to experiment with different ingredients and textures.

Calories Consumed: 235 (Added more berries this time) 

10:45 AM

Time for a mid-morning snack. I head to the cafeteria, which I have been purposely avoiding for obvious reasons, and am greeted by the sight and smell of fried food, baked goods, and all kinds of other sinfully delicious treats. I walk straight to the snack area, and pick up an apple, though I cast a longing glance at my personal favorite - a trio of freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies. 

I almost break into a run trying to hustle out of that binge-eating trap. But now, I have a healthy snack, which I happily munch on as I update briefings. 

Calories Consumed: 220 (1 Gala apple and 1 1/2 tbsp. of almond butter)
Forbidden Fruit Tastes Excellent
 with Some Almond Butter...

11:30 AM
Because I took a cab this morning, I missed out on my normal walk, so I make up for it by stair-climbing for 10 minutes.
Note to self: practice stair-climbing more often, as it is embarrassing when you have to stop and gasp for air as a 50-year old man casually breezes past you. 
Calories Burned: 70

12:30 PM
Hmm..where to eat for lunch. I've done some research on Paleo Fast Food Options, and one of the faves for Paleo enthusiasts is Chipotle. 

I have to contemplate this one - technically, Chipotle doesn't sound like a "detox" type of food. However, my other options for the moment are cafeteria food, Panda Express, or California Pizza Kitchen. So, it looks like I will be indulging for lunch today. I justify this cheat by convincing myself I am halfway through my detox, and deserve a tiny break. Ok, ok...I admit that I'm weak. 

1:00 PM

Walk to Chipotle (weather is still miserable, but thankfully it has stopped raining) and pick up a Paleo Carnitas Salad - the reason I chose the Carnitas is because it is the only meat not cooked in soybean oil. I avoid rice and beans, and add the fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa, and spicy salsa with a side order of guacamole (I usually only eat about half the serving of guac to cut back on fat).
Calories Consumed: 310

Cheating Never Looked So Good.

3:30 PM
Normally, I'm starving around this time but that Chipotle was so satisfying - especially after eating such a restrictive diet - that I don't feel hungry at all and skip out on an afternoon snack. I am starting to feel a little tired though, so I sip on some green tea to avoid crashing.

Compared to yesterday, today is a lot easier to power through, despite having to face the temptations of fast food.  I have no idea how people do juice fasts - especially if they have a job where they have to be coherent and energetic. Having attempted to do a juice fast, I gave up after two days because I reached the point where I was so out of it, I walked into the men's bathroom at work and was confused as to why there was a man using a urinal in front of me. While I commend people who can do it, it just doesn't seem like a practical option for the vast majority of the population. 

5:15 PM
Head home for the day. As a freezing blast of wind hits me on my walk back to the apartment, all I can think of is curling up in my bed with some hot cocoa and Netflix.

5:45 PM
Definitely not feeling motivated to walk to the gym...or go outside in general. I set up a mat and put on a Power Yoga DVD workout by Jillian Michaels.
Calories Burned: 130

6:15 PM
Since I skipped my afternoon snack today, I make myself some scrambled egg whites with chopped veggies while I catch up on my guilty pleasure - ABC's Revenge (dark female protagonist, hot British-Special Agent love interest, and tons of drama...what's not to love?).
Calories Consumed: 100

Revenge: A Story of Retribution. And Really Hot Rich People. 

8:15 PM
Late-night "dinner" smoothie. Not even hungry, but I manage to gulp it down. Don't want a repeat of last night's middle-of-the-night food gorging.

I also prep my food for tomorrow's lunch so I avoid future temptation from the food court. There's only so much a girl can resist. 
Calories Consumed: 235

9:45 PM
After getting my life organized - laundry, cleaning, etc. I'm ready for a shower and bed. But first - it's time to weigh in.

Down 0.2 lbs from yesterday. the weight loss seems to have leveled off. I'm guessing the fact that I ate Chipotle today did not help, but it's also possible that the first two days were just water weight. Only time will tell if I have hit a plateau. 

10:30 PM
Time for some Zzzzsss....
  Day 3 Summary  
Total Calories Consumed: 1100
Total Calories Burned from Workout: 400
Total Weight Lost: 1.6 lbs

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