Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paleo Detox Diet: Day 2 - Sweet Nothing

-Frederick Douglass

6:15 AM
The unwelcome sound of a rooster crowing jerks me out of pleasant sleep, and it takes me a second to recognize that it's just my phone's alarm. I feel exhausted, so I convince myself that five more minutes of sleep will be beneficial and hit Snooze

7:50 AM
I open my eyes and am greeted by bright sunlight. Unusual...
Then, the realization settles in that I hit Dismiss, not Snooze on my alarm - and now it's time to panic. 

Good Morning, Protein!

8:05 AM
After a quick shower, I hustle to get my meals together for the day - protein berry smoothie, celery and almond butter, strawberry & salmon salad, and deviled eggs from last night. I'm mad at myself for sleeping in and missing my AM workout, but I make a promise that I will make it up later. It's the least of my worries, since I'm so behind in schedule.

8:20 AM
Run out the door make-up free and hair up. Today will be one of those days where I just avoid mirrors (ignorance is bliss). 

8:30 AM
It hits me on my train to work that I am ravenous. And exhausted. And therefore, cranky. Someone accidentally bumps in to me and I throw them the death glare. Public transportation has transformed into the depths of hell, and I'm just not in the mood.

9:15 AM
After getting settled in to my desk, I drink my smoothie in two gulps. It barely makes a dent in my hunger cravings, so I down some water in hopes that it will help. It does for about 10 minutes.
Sorting through emails is difficult - my brain feels foggy and only half functioning.
Calories Consumed: 215

10:00 AM
It's very clear at this point that I need calories + protein. Instead of celery and almond butter as a snack, I eat the deviled eggs for more energy and nourishment. Detox diets come with a warning of caution for a reason - you are shocking your body by cutting out key food groups and eating less calories than recommended. And I am definitely feeling the effects of this today, which is a sign that I need to be careful. I make a note to myself to increase portion sizes and make sure I'm getting enough calories to fuel my body.
Calories Consumed: 185

11:00 AM
Oh, what a difference a snack makes. I feel like I can think again and get focused on work.

12:30 PM
Lunch time! Who says that you can't be creative while on a detox diet? Today, I'm feasting on a cumin and black pepper grilled salmon with a side salad of romaine topped with onion, strawberry, and basil. For garnish and flavor - a slice of lime.
Calories Consumed: 360

A Colorful Lunch to Brighten the Day
1:00 PM
Feeling so much better - I finally feel satiated and food is no longer controlling my thoughts. The salmon was filling, and the flavors were diverse enough to make me forget I am on a highly restrictive diet. Well, for the time being at least. 

4:00 PM
Hungry again - time for snack no. 2: celery and almond butter. Note to self - double the portion size of this snack tomorrow.
Calories Consumed: 100

5:00 PM

5:30 PM
Make my dinner berry protein shake as soon as I get back to my place. The biggest challenge of being home is avoiding the kitchen. Just because I am on a diet, does not mean that my roommates are. And there is a delicious looking bag of "Hint of Lime" tortilla chips sitting on top of our fridge that I swear I can hear calling my name. Or what about that jar of chocolate candies on the counter? Just one won't hurt, would it? 
Calories Consumed: 215

Before I give in to any temptation, I change into gym clothes and get out of my apartment as fast as possible.

5:45 PM
Hit the treadmill for a mixed interval workout of sprints, walking at a steep incline, and jogging. I notice that today I am underperforming a great deal - I'm missing the targets I normally hit and it feels like I am carrying a 50lb weight on my back. I slow down after 20 minutes and take a break to stretch/rehydrate before heading into yoga. 
Calories Burned: 150

7:00 PM
What normally feels like a quick and relaxing hour-long workout has turned into an exhausting ordeal. I find myself obsessively sneaking glances at the clock and feeling dismayed at how little time has passed. My instructor keeps checking in with me and correcting my form. She can tell I'm half-assing it.
Calories Burned: 200

If only I looked this graceful while practicing yoga...

8:15 PM
Arrive home and barely have energy to shower. It feels like I am trying to move through quicksand, and all I want to do is sleep. Not a good sign - after my shower I start googling "dangers of low carb diets" and read about ketosis, which is a state that your body goes into when it has no carbs to burn, feeding off of your own fat. Sounds awesome, but feels shitty.

Now, for the weigh in...

Down 1 lb from yesterday.

9:45 PM
Fall asleep while researching ketosis and the dangers it can pose to your body. I tell myself that my body just needs rest, and that I'll feel better in the morning.

11:50 PM
Wake up feeling nauseous. Apparently my body is trying desperately to tell me something, so I listen. I make a late night snack of celery and a healthy heaping of almond butter.
Calories Consumed: 275

1:00 AM
Interestingly enough, my nausea has gone away and I feel alright again. I do a bit of work and get organized before settling back into bed for sleep, round two. 

  Day 2 Summary  
Total Calories Consumed: 1350
Total Calories Burned from Workout: 350
Total Weight Lost: 1.4 lbs


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